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Traditional Counseling Meets Ancient Healing Practices

Many people will ask me what is the difference isnbetween traditional psychotherapy and therapy combined with energy work.

Psychotherapy alone can be very effective in helping individuals grow greater awareness of habits and patterns that occur in relationship with self and others. We can lean to grow and deepen our awareness of our thoughts and behaviors and how those things impact out lives.

Psychotherapy can also help us alter they manner in which we choose certain things in our lives. We can begin to notice and identify habitual patterns and sometimes we can use that awareness to make changes.

We can also learn to identify emotions and effectively allow feelings and emotions to arise within our body with greater comfort, ease and acceptance. .

What can be challenging is we often can grow deep awareness about patterns that have occurred repeatedly in our lives, but struggle to make the changes even while watching the habitual pattern replaying right in front of us.

It is here that energy work can be particularly effective.

Through some ancient healing practices, we can actually go into the energy field surrounding our bodies and remove patterns that have been acting like software.

By clearing that energy that has gotten stuck in our energy body, we often have a newfound ability to not only observe a trigger that arises, but actually interact with it in a completely different manner.

This works whether someone believes in energy work or not.

Clients experiencing this work will often say that the patterns or stressors that we have worked on no longer hold the same charge that was complicating their lives. Thus allowing them to make different decisions and creating different , more productive patterns.

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